Spawnbreezie w/ Gonzo

Spawnbreezie w/ Gonzo

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:30 pm (event ends at 11:00 pm)

$11.00 - $18.00

This event is all ages

As a young boy, Spawnbreezie grew up listening to his father
make music. Whether rehearsing in the garage or on stage at
performances. Music was just as much an influence to him as
his father was. So much in fact that he learned to play drums
and piano before entering grade school. Curious and excited
about his life’s involvement with music, at 16 years of age he
learned to play the guitar and eventually acquired skills of a
bassist. Spawnbreezie then realized that at a young age,
music was not only a talent but a passion that now became
his life. At age 17, Spawnbreezie made a commitment to his
love and talent to pursue a career of music. With the
combinations of island music, roots reggae, r & b, and hiphop,
Spawnbreezie has crafted a new kind of sound.
Combining the percussions of hip-hop, the skank of reggae
and the vocals of the Island music, he calls it, "Island Hip
Hop". In 2002, Spawnbreezie and his family formed a band
called, "Le Atalua Breeze Band". Being a part of the Breeze
Band, he thought it was only fair to represent them wherever
his music took him. At that time he was going by the stage
name of “Spawn” and was in the making of his solo debut
album. In 2005, Spawn began his solo career and pursued it
with great leaps of faith. In transition of leaving “Le Atalua
Breeze Band” to becoming a solo artist, he took the word
“Breeze” with him in this new journey and introduced
himself as Spawnbreezie.
In 2008, Spawnbreezie released his first solo album called
“Independent Soldiers". In 2009, he released his sophomore
album titled “Welcome to Zion". The sound of Island hip-hop
began to grow, gaining the attention of the people and radio
stations across the South Pacific. It was clear at that point
that Spawnbreezie had an opportunity to voice his music to a
forum of listeners.
He took advantage of the forum and talked about the trials
that he faced as a person and an artist. He expressed his
emotions through his music and wrote about his life
experiences. With the chance to voice his experiences in this
industry, he released his 3rd album "Dear Billy" with the
smash hit “Oh My Goodness” and YouTube hit “Don’t Let Go”
with over 1 million views each. But those are just some of
many fan favorites. This album has allowed Spawnbreezie to
enter into new territories in his career, not only is he opening
up the eyes of music lovers everywhere, but also their ears
and hearts. With upcoming albums he is sure to propel this
not only himself into superstardom but also bring much need
attention to the whole Island reggae genre and positive
music as a whole.
Out of the South Bay Los Angeles area comes a solo artist with a smooth and soulful style all his own. Gonzo, born Ryan Gonzalez, blends a wide variety of musical influences and love-inspired messages to create a unique sound he refers to as "Roots-Reggae-Soul." Within the last few years, his talent has been widely recognized on several levels within the reggae community, opening incredible opportunities for the roots musician still in the young stages of his career.

Best known for having a suave approach to delivering lyrics expressing his love of women and good ganja, Gonzo's musical roots run back to when he was just a child. Inspired by his father's encouragement to become a musical artist at a young age, Gonzo grew up in a household listening to Motown, Classic Rock, Oldies, Salsa, R&B, and Soul. At the age of fifteen he began playing guitar, adding another element in his musical journey. The young musician soon linked up with some high school friends to form his first band, now widely known as Fortunate Youth.

On July 1st, 2011, Fortunate Youth released their debut album, Irie State of Mind, with Gonzo as the lead guitarist and one of two lead vocalists. After two national tours in support of the album, Gonzo parted ways with FY to embark on his solo career. The newly independent artist wasted no time making a name for himself and in December of 2012, Gonzo delivered his first full-length album, Rocksteady, to the masses.

With Beyond I Sight as his "go-to" backing band, Gonzo immediately hit the road to promote his debut solo effort. Soon after, San Diego's Tribal Seeds offered him the position of lead guitarist and back up vocalist for the highly respected band touring year-round out of Southern California. Following a few nationwide tours alongside Tribal Seeds, several solo shows up and down the west coast with Beyond I Sight, and his own set at the annual California Roots Music and Arts Festival in 2014, Gonzo released his second full-length as an independent artist.

His sophomore album, Red, was officially released on June 3rd, 2014, and hit #6 on the Billboard reggae charts. Red and Rocksteady were both produced at Imperial Sound Recording Studio by fellow roots musician and Tribal Seeds member, E.N Young. Released under E.N's Roots Musician Records label, the albums both reached #1 in the iTunes reggae category and continue to be a great representation of Gonzo's talent as an independent artist. Gonzo's solo act made its nationwide debut on the Representing Fall Tour 2014 as he doubled up with an opening solo set backed by Beyond I Sight and finishing off each night showcasing his top-level guitar skills on stage with Tribal Seeds.

To this day, Gonzo continues to tour relentlessly around the nation with Tribal Seeds while seeking any opportunities to showcase his solo talent when his busy schedule allows. Most recently, he has been invited out to the Hawaiian Islands for a run of shows with island natives, Inna Vision and The Steppas. He also just premiered the music video for "Runnin'" off the Red album.

One of the most sought out independent artists in the reggae scene, Gonzo has collaborated and written hit songs with Tribal Seeds, Fortunate Youth, E.N Young, Leilani Wolfgramm, Tomorrows Bad Seeds, Sono Vero and more. The young musician has already accomplished many great things in his short career and plans to stay non-stop for as long as his talent allows. Make sure to catch Gonzo coming to a city near you!
Venue Information:
Discovery Ventura
1888 E. Thompson Blvd.
Ventura, CA, 93001